Quick Start for Mainnet


1. Config Metamask for OKC Mainnet

  • NetWork Name: OKC Mainnet
  • RPC URL:
    • https://exchainrpc.okex.org
  • Chain ID: 66
  • Currency Symbol: OKT
  • Block Explorer URL: https://www.oklink.com/okc/


2. Create a new account or import an existing account


3. Config ETHEREUM WEBSOCKET for OKC Mainnet

please refer to detail config

Blockchain Browser

OKC Mainnet Browser


Set up a Remix OKC Mainnet development environment.
Remix is an in-browser IDE for Solidity smart contracts. In this guide, we will learn how to deploy a contract to a running OKC Mainnet through Remix and interact with it.

1. Connect OKC account to Remix

Go to Remix. There are some contracts in the File Explorer. Select any of these contracts. In this example, we use Storage.sol. On the left-most bar, select the Solidity Compiler and compile the contract.


Next, select the Deploy and Run option. Select injected web3 as the environment. This will open a metamask popup for you to confirm connecting your Metamask to Remix. Hit confirm.

You should see your account show up in the left-hand panel.


2. Deploy and Interact

Now that your account is connected, you are able to deploy the contract. Press the Deploy button. A metamask pop-up will appear asking you to confirm. Confirm the transaction

Once the contract has been successfully deployed, you will see it show up in the Deployed Contracts section in the left-hand side, as well as a green check in the Remix console showing the transaction details.


Now, you are able to interact with the contract through Remix. For Storage.sol, input 1000 and click store. This will open a Metamask pop-up asking you to confirm. Confirm the transaction. Then, click retrieve to get the number, which should be 1000.