Welcome to the OKExChain

Welcome to the OKExChain


What is OKExChain?

OKExChain is a set of open-source blockchain projects developed by OKEx, aiming to promote the development of large-scale commercial applications based on blockchain technology. It gives each participating node the same rights, allowing users to launch a variety of decentralized applications smoothly, issue their digital assets, create their own digital asset trading pairs, and trade freely. The utilisation of cross-chain technology principles is essential to allow those features to be used by anyone. Through the cross-chain module, the value interconnectivity and user interconnectivity, interconnectivity of blockchain can be realized simply and efficiently, so that we can co-construct the ecosystem and the value-added system.

okexchain multi-chain

okexchain multi-chain

What is OKExDEX?

OKExChain-OKExDEX, was the first project born from the OKExChain ecosystem and is a middleware that can freely issue DEX. With the design concept of “everyone can create DEX”, it provides various basic functions needed to operate a DEX. Compared with traditional DEX, OKExDEX adopts a full on-chain matching and an on-chain order book management to make matching information more transparent and safe; compared with Ethereum-based projects, the matching engine based on OKExChain’s call auction can achieve matching in seconds, which is similar to the operating experience offered by centralized exchange. In addition, its unique design idea is not to build a DEX belonging to a certain stakeholder, but to provide a platform to achieve the separation of technology and operations. Just as Ethereum makes digital asset issuance simple through smart contract technology, OKExChain lowers the barrier for operating digital asset trading pairs with OKExDEX.

OKExDEX multi-operator relation

OKExDEX multi-operator relation


Do you have OKT tokens? With OKT, you have the unique ability to contribute to the security and governance of the OKExChain. Delegate your OKT to one or more of the 100 validators on the OKExChain blockchain to earn more OKT through Proof-of-Stake. You can also vote with your OKT to influence the future of the OKExChain through on-chain governance proposals.

Learn more about being a delegator.

OKExChain Explorer

The OKExChain block explorer allows you to search, view and analyze OKExChain data—like blocks, transactions, validators as well as other key information


exchaincli is a command-line interface that lets you interact with the OKExChain. exchaincli is the only tool that supports 100% of the OKExChain features, including accounts, transfers, delegation, and governance. Learn more about exchaincli with the delegator’s CLI guide.

Running a full-node on the OKExChain Testnet

In order to run a full-node on the OKExChain testnet, you must first install exchaind. Then, follow the guide.

If you would like to run a validator node, follow the validator setup guide.

Join the Community

Have questions, comments, or ideas? Feel free to participate and to become part of the OKExChain community through one of the following channels.


The version of the program relating to this documentation is: 0.16.0